Online exhibition 'Unfolding Ambiguity' by Richard Westerhuis has been opened

Richard Westerhuis' online exhibition Unfolding Ambiguity has opened. The exhibition consists of a selection from the conceptual photo series Rubber Identity, Whanganui, Powerful Fragility, Through The Second Skin, Perpetual Stillness, Coloured People, Back Buttocks Stool, Bottom Up and Autism. The exhibition includes winners of the Visual Art Open 2018 (Back Buttocks Stool) and Sony World Photography Awards 2019 (Rubber Identity) and is on view through February 14. Richard Westerhuis has been working hard for the past six years to establish his place in the Dutch art world. Now an overview of his work can be seen on the ARWE Gallery site. Visit Unfolding Ambiguity here. 


December 22, 2020