Book presentation Here We Are Now - 28th of November

The first publication of the Gallery is a fact. A beautiful publication in which Tomas Baker Feijo, Helen Anna Flanagan, Matthijs Jeuring, Thomas Meijerman and Jaehun Park talk about their inspiration, starting points and artistic vision. On Saturday November the 28th, everyone is welcome to hear more about this publication and to visit the exhibition Here We Are Now.

Visitors of the presentation will receive the first copy for free. Afterwards this edition is for sale for 10 euro in the Gallery.

There are 4 time slots available, with 15 tickets each:

>  13:00-14:00

>  14:00-15:00
>  15:00-16:00
>  16:00-17:00

Reserve your ticket now at:

November 18, 2020