Richard Westerhuis in the spotlight on

Curator Manuela Klerkx mentioned our homebase artist Richard Westerhuis on the famous art platform

In the title "Everything that could be' in six works of art" curator Manuela Klerkx mentioned our homebase artist Richard Westerhuis that we have previously worked with in several exhibitions.  Among five other artists Richard was seleted to be featured. 

In the article the curator writes:  "The idea of art and literature without a narrative element or chronological passage of time, in which we can wander as if in a labyrinth, appeals to me very much.  In this collection, I look for works of art that evoke the same confusion or enigma. The interview with Peter Verhelst, in which he underlines the importance of what could be in contrast to what is, in mind…"

and personally about Richard work she writes: "Dutch photographer Richard Westerhuis (1965) portrays the concept of domesticity in his enigmatic photo series This is the poem I promised you. The rooms are empty, there is no sign of life and yet you get the feeling that something is going on, that something crazy has happened. The story is missing, but there is a situation that stimulates the imagination. Sometimes the room is empty and drenched in a warm yellow; then again the room is lit blue and there are traces of life, of children playing, family members dining. There is not one reality, the artist seems to say. There is not one story, but there are countless, to be conceived and experienced. And the meaning-carrying role of light is of vital importance. Just like in Verhelst's sensory novella 'Body', a book about the lockdown and the question of what loneliness does to a person and yes, the desire for light with it."


We are very happy with this article, you can read it in full over here: 

February 12, 2022