Pippilotta Yerna Winner of Steenbergen Stipend 2020

Pipilotta Yerna yesterday won the Steenbergen Stipendium 2020 with her series She 's the canary in the coalmine of a dying empire. From this series ARWE Gallery showed Pieta.

from the jury report:
"Pippilotta Yerna - winner 2020
With her project She is the canary in the coalmine of a dying empire, Yerna manages to win over her audience through the cheerful absurdity of her photographs. The premise - staging the death of your own mother and then doing it several times - is so crazy, it makes you laugh involuntarily. The work is pleasantly light-hearted and playful, and only secondarily confronts you with an intense honesty and seriousness. Yerna's work shows how all-encompassing this particular relationship between mother and daughter is, and therefore how great the photographer's anxiety must be for that one inevitable moment."

December 17, 2021