Interview with Richard Westerhuis in Quote magazine

From hundreds of grand in and out of his investments to hundreds of grand on a stool in his studio. And yes, his companion slash great love was on it too. Richard Westerhuis is, in no particular order, a successful entrepreneur, investor and art photographer. His latest work was recently shown at Unseen and Photo Basel, his other work hung in the heart of Gouda in recent weeks. This year he makes his comeback in the Quote 500, together with wife Yvonne Westerhuis-Swaans who takes the lead in their entrepreneurial duo. As an art photographer he is in the foreground and is himself in all his portraits. 'This is me. And then again, it's not, you know?' Okay... Let's talk art!


The life of Richard Westerhuis (56), in which private and business life are closely interwoven, can be told as a triptych. With before and after, and that all-important 'during', in which his burnout after a dramatic stock market flotation resulted in those first 'brush clicks' as an art photographer and his illness subsequently turned his whole world upside down. His drive to keep living, learning and experimenting is strong and if he were to compare his life to a work of art, it would be La Sagrada Família. 'Not finished yet and hopefully never finished. If I stop learning, I'll die.'

October 19, 2021