Saturday, July 10 is the opening of We Are Home

On Saturday, July 10, we will open the exhibition We Are Home from 4:00 pm. This time without time slots, but we will keep in mind the 1.5 meter measure.
All artists will be present at the opening.


After a second lockdown, the concept of 'home' has often taken on a very different meaning. For some it proved to be a warm nest, but for most it became more or less a prison. In We Are Home we do not look at the ultimate feeling of home, but we zoom in on the interpretation of the new concept of 'home'. What interpretation has this received? Has 'being at home' become a source of irritation or a reason to literally and figuratively rebuild? Being 'at home' seems to have changed for good, as can be seen in this exhibition in ARWE Gallery with six participating artists. Their vision on home is based on a broad theme, which is represented with very different means. No two views are the same. Participating artists: Bianca Sistermans, Maurice van Tellingen, Elise 't Hart, Bram Tackenberg, Niek Peters and Luca Penning.

June 26, 2021