Finissage We Are One

The month of June is dawning with beautiful weather and with an approaching end to the current measures on the horizon, we have some great projects in store. First of all, the exhibition We Are One will end with a finissage on Saturday, June 12. This finissage will still be organized according to the current corona rules.

As a reaction to the current division in society, caused by excessive individualism and the related pursuit of self-interest, the common interest seems to be snowed under. With this exhibition, ARWE Gallery wants to show that there is a fascinating diversity of opinion and elaboration among artists about the (self-)portrait, but that there is also a great deal of overlap and agreement. Unity in diversity, you might say.

On Saturday, June 12, there is the last chance to see this exhibition. Click on the link and make your appointment for this finissage and you can see this exhibition one more time.

You can choose when you want to be there from 13.00 to 17.00.

June 4, 2021