Event Horizon - The Explosion

27 January - 27 March 2022

Event Horizon is a video work divided into five chapters. The video work begins with primitive rocks being archived by the geological research institute using 3D scanning technology. The rocks continue to rotate on a geometric structure to express perspective in the first 3D computer game of the 1990s. 

The five storylines are mainly about the relationship between the real and the virtual, global geopolitical conflict, disaster and war, such as destroyed buildings in Syria and Palestine, a contaminated water tank in the nuclear zone of Fukushima and a particle accelerator machine at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research ).

On the other hand, this video also simulates the movement of confetti, with a metaphor for the glorious moment of winning and the fantasy of happiness. Through the scientific experimental machine called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that transcends the power of God, Park tries to reveal the cosmic and sublime appearance of science that transformed into a religious moment. A hundred years later, on the post-apocalyptic landscape of Fukushima, electrical surge poles continue to generate sparks on the abandoned ground.


This is simulating dark and painful historical disasters and wars through the movement of microscopic particles from the digital data of real objects, this video uses visual illusions that mislead people to reveal the glory of capitalism.


In this online show you can see the chapter The Explosion. Images from news reports about Syria are magnified in drama by Jaehun by not only leaving out information, but also by the explosion to show the deplorable state this country is in. Which in turn represents human action in an apocalyptic world.