Alice West (b. Dubai, 1996) works as a portraitist with very different media such as paper, ceramics, linen and textiles, which she paints with oil or acrylic paints. Her portraits are unconventional and accessible. According to West, when you look at a portrait, you immediately make contact with the person who has been portrayed; you immediately get the whole story. For this reason she mainly paints people from her private circle. Although West uses the photographs of friends she has taken herself as the basis for her paintings, she does not paint an exact reproduction. Rather, she looks for a form that fits the person she has in front of her, and then gives it a personal twist. Her portraits also reflect the zeitgeist in which we live; inundated with messages through the internet and media, but at the same time able to make countless contacts through that same internet, we have essentially only become more lonely. Alice West received her training as an artist in Auckland, New Zealand and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.