Eline Benjaminsen

As an artist, Eline Benjaminsen (Norway, 1992) questions socio-economic processes and investigates how they affect our daily lives. For this she uses an associative, narrative visual language that she employs in her video recordings, photography and texts in mixed media installations. All this to gain insight into how exactly socio-economic processes work. For example, during the exhibition Earthlinks, organized by Fotodok, she and seven other artists investigated social issues that came to a head shortly thereafter during the pandemic: Isn't the way we live together in the limited space on this planet decisive for the survival of humanity? Does the place where we are born determine our identity? And how do we share our, sometimes painful, history on Earth? What is the impact of our unlimited consumption on the climate? How malleable is our life really? Eline Benjaminsen was one of the participants in Prospects 2021, an exhibition with talented artists organized by the Mondriaan Fund during Art Rotterdam.