Sculptor Niek Peters (1989) playfully gives shape in clay to functional objects from daily life; these are simple utilitarian objects that are very close to us. So close, in fact, that they are almost unnoticeable. By carefully observing and copying the things he sees in clay, he makes the objects his own. The difficulties he encounters increasingly become part of the work itself. In this way, new sculptures arise more and more from a curiosity about the impossibilities of ceramics. The work of Peters is predominantly positive in tone. According to Peters, life is mainly fine, except for a slight tragedy. Happiness and unhappiness therefore recur in his work in various ways. For the solo exhibition Counting Flowers on the Wall in May 2019, he created new sculptural work around the theme of "home. In it, his search for the meaning of the word and the 'feeling of home' is central. A number of ceramic works from this series will be on display during WE ARE HOME. Niek Peters graduated in 2015 in Ceramics at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. From his studio in Amsterdam North, Niek established a ceramic workshop where he regularly exhibits his work. After graduation he also showed his work in important exhibitions, such as the one in the Anningahof in Zwolle (2020) and the Summershow 2017, Nieuw Dakota (winner jury award). He was also artist-in-residence at several international venues, including AGA Lab AIR program, Amsterdam (2019) and Shiro Oni Studio, Onishi, Japan (2018), where he conducted research.