By registering, manipulating, imitating, describing and imagining sound, Elise 't Hart (1991) makes us aware of the sounds around us.  In 2013 she founded the Institute for House Sound: a growing collection of sounds you might encounter in your home. Think of a humming fridge, a ticking heating system, clattering shower water, footsteps on the stairs or in the attic. During the first lockdown last year, she posted a call to send home sounds for a Lockdown archive, which is still growing. The archive tells us a lot about how we experience and spend this difficult time. For this special issue, she selected 25 sounds: from a ticking keyboard and a playing dog to the bubbling coffee maker and the neighbor sweeping in the front yard. Sounds that suddenly struck you, were heard more often, sounded louder, gave you security, comforted you or perhaps just irritated you. It resulted in a combination of sounds that are typical of the lockdown period we were in and which we are now gradually emerging from. The sounds can be listened to in the gallery from a specially built sound box. Elise 't Hart received her preliminary training at Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory after which she went on to study at the Utrecht School of the Arts.  In the past she regularly participated in group exhibitions such as Sense of Sound, DordtYart, Dordrecht (2017) and the manifestation Gewoon Bijzonder Gewoon, Museum Paul Tetar van Elven, Delft (2020). She also performed several commissioned works, including for Watou 2019 and W139 where she mapped the sounds present there. Besides her work on her Sound Archive, she also gives presentations and performances such as Training the Senses, at Marres, Maastricht.