Bianca Sistermans

The work of photographer Bianca Sistermans (1969) grew out of her amazement at how we shape everyday reality, and how we move in it on a daily basis. During WE ARE HOME she will present a number of photographic works from the series Everyday Annoyances. It is a series of remarkable still lifes about imperfection, about what in our living environment is unfinished, flawed and transitory. Small but annoying events that can spoil your mood, especially in corona time. But not only now; the subject proves timeless and inexhaustible. The question of how we live with things and coexist, and the simultaneity of all those lives, continues to fascinate Sistermans. She is also fascinated by the importance, the presence and the power of expression of 'things'. Sistermans obtained her Master of Fine Arts at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Joost in Breda. Her work was shown during Art Rotterdam, BredaPhoto, in De Vishal, de Nieuwe Vide and at Cokkie Snoei. Publications of her projects appeared in: Volkskrant Magazine, GEO Wissen, De Standaard, Trouw, NRC and Het Parool. Books were also published by Querido and AFdH publishers.