Maurice van Tellingen

In his objects Maurice van Tellingen (1957) searches for the insignificant, the everyday. For example, he depicts a simple window of a child's room or a single blue curtain through which a window is visible. Another time you find a snow-white door placed in a square frame. From a distance, these domestic scenes seem photographed or painted, but up close you see that they are three-dimensional models: objects that he executes with great precision and attention in various materials such as steel, MDF and glass, and paints with alkyd paint. They have a strong perspective distortion, which disappears somewhat as soon as you stand in front of them in a certain way. Van Tellingen also regularly adds lighting, video images or sound to his objects. In his choice of subjects, he appears to be systematically searching for the imaginary within the everyday; to him, illusion and reality are extensions of one another. When you view his tranquil spaces, you wonder what kind of staging you have arrived at: 'What has happened here or what exactly is going to happen?'  Van Tellingen received his training at the Rietveld Academy and the Rijksacademie, both in Amsterdam. He participated in important museum exhibitions, such as the exhibition MärklinWorld in KadE, Amersfoort (2011) and Bergen Geestgronden, Museum Kranenburg (2009).  Last year his work was shown during the exhibition The Model at De.Groen Fine Art Collection in Arnhem. Maurice van Tellingen also participated in a large number of exhibitions abroad including Die Warheit liegt im Modell, Architekturschaufenster, Karlsruhe (2020) and the Copenhagen Art Festival (2013).