Jaehun Park is Digital-Sculptor, Animator, Simulator. He utilizes three-dimensional computer graphic animation to reveal fabricated reality in the virtual space. Before he came to The Netherlands, he lived in Seoul. Seoul is the most rapidly developed metropolitan last 30years in the world, therefore he experienced highly saturated capitalistic environments. His work was influenced by this money-driven odd psychological infrastructure and mass-produced objects. Construction elements and signs for infrastructure building and Commercial advertisement display systems, mass-produced objects in a shopping center, and sanitary space(shower room) are his recent major subject matter. In his animation, he deeply reflects on ordinary objects and space related to the ritual structure of post-capitalism and consumerism.

Today, we can easily watch that one simple commercial object can become a high ritual object, especially in the luxury department store. In this transition of the present day, capitalism even performs a religious role in a non-religious way. If the past religion plays a role of calming anxiety, worry, and pain under the name of God, but today's capital makes humans as endlessly desire, possess, oblivion exists. He thinks every single object is the container of capitalistic ideologies and religion. For him, every single object is a linguistic container for ideologies and cultural-political context as mystical allegories like Baroque Painting.

He creates a realistic but fabricated cinematograph in virtual 3D space. And he connects this capitalistic structures to Post-Apocalyptic landscape and hell scenery surrounded by heavenly joyful-painful objects. Desire, vain, guilt, irrationality, and indebtedness become a driving force of the ritual of capitalism. The concept of hell doesn't find itself after death, but it manifests itself in this reality by torturing/tortured objects.